What We Do For You

We build straightforward websites from start to finish. In readable, easy-to-understand style, usually with minimalist design.

Specific tasks include: help with selecting names, domain registration, clarify purpose and type of website, choose software, develop concepts designs and content, pick hosting platform (we also host sites within a multi-site hosting account at Bluehost), install software, create website and content, incorporating features like videos & twitter feeds or  ecommerce. We construct the website, test and publish. We also submit websites to Google, paying attention to SEO issues during development, and can do further SEO as part of follow up and maintenance. We choose from available tools and templates with customization as necessary.

Content Creation includes assisting you with writing and editing for the web, repurposing text and graphics from other file formats, including scanning and OCR of content from previous articles and books.

“Building websites” means putting the whole package together for you and taking care of all the bits and pieces involved in having a live website. We can generate relevant easy-to-read content, both words and pictures, if you don’t have time or aren’t a writer (this is a stumbling block for many people who need websites). We do this working with you to get the information you are trying to present.

Our goal is functionality and clarity. Your message and information needs to shine through clearly. We try not to include any extraneous material or add irrelevant bling. Bling is fun and useful sometimes but needs to serve the purpose of your website. We strive for a design with coherence, simplicity and integrity.


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